Shocking True Stories of Nightmare Neighbors

​When buying and selling real estate, be aware of the neighbors!

Posted by Anja Mozina under Neighbors

When buying and selling real estate, we obviously focus on the features of the property itself. However, there is something else to keep in mind; the neighbors!

Here are some shocking and hilarious true stories of nightmare neighbors.

1. "We had neighbors that would blast death metal music at all hours of the day. My dad finally got fed up with the noise and retaliated by setting up a boom box facing their house. He blasted The Chipmunks Country Album. We won. There wasn't a music war after that."

2. "Our neighbor across the street would sit out on his front porch, totally naked, and smoke in the mornings. There's nothing better than waking up to an ugly, wrinkled, naked dude."

3. "My 3-year-old asked our neighbor if he had a pet elephant. Why? Because when our neighbor walks up and down the stairs, that is what we said it sounded like."

4. "My husband was in the hospital after a horrible car wreck. It snowed almost two feet by the time I got home from staying with him at the hospital. I had to hand shovel the driveway to get my car parked. It was so cold my tears were actually freezing on my face. Meanwhile, my neighbor stood on his porch next to his snow blower and smoked while he watched me shovel."

5. "I spent all day raking and bagging the leaves in my yard (my least favorite chore). I came home from work the following day and my neighbor's yard was freshly raked, but instead of bagging his leaves, he simply blew them all over onto my yard."

6. "We had a wooded line between our property and our neighbor. They would seriously stare at our trees for hours. Then, our trees started disappearing. We never once saw the neighbors bring in groceries, only bags and bags of sawdust. Our conclusion? They were beavers."

7. "I have a neighbor who uses mannequin heads on sticks in his yard as a security system. He moves them around every single evening."

8. "We left town for vacation. We were about an hour out of town when we remembered we had left the coffee pot on. When we arrived back home to turn it off, we discovered our neighbor washing his cars, motorcycle, and yard using OUR water. He had ran a water hose from our house. It explained our high water bills."

9. "The neighbor above me allowed his dog to pee on the deck. It just so happened that I was hanging Christmas lights one day when the dog decided to relieve himself directly above me!"

10. "We had an elderly neighbor a few houses down. When we first moved in to our house, none of the neighbors had fences. We put up a fence for our dog. Our elderly neighbor stopped by and asked if we could paint a mural on the side of the fence she looks at since she lost her "view." The view was of a street."

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