For Real Estate Professionals

Mobile Ready

Find homes for sale, rent, or lease, you can even post your home all from your mobile device!

Property Management System

Quickly and easily post your properties on Lordea for sale, rent, or even for lease all from your mobile device so you can keep on the go!

Accessible Online 24 hours

Unlike a brick and mortar office your Lordea property listings are online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!


Customizable Realtor Profile

As a realtor you can have your very own customizable profile page displaying all of your company information, only your listings and all of your customer reviews.

Instant Customer Inquiries

Customers can now instantly send you inquires directly to your email 24 hours a day, don't miss another sales opportunity again! 

Customer Reviews

Your customers can now leave you reviews, showing your integrity in the community and increasing your customer’s trust and gaining you more inquires.