Company Information


Lordea is a global real estate media company. Our motto “Every home, Everywhere” reflects our credo that Lordea should be the best place to search and find real estate wherever it is. We were founded around a small team of tech enthusiasts and continue to be privately owned.

Basilios Strmec:

Bas is responsible for business development and international markets. He is from Vienna, Austria, and has been with Lordea from the very beginning and is part of the founding group. He enjoys his family, kayaking, hiking, skiing and watching his kids play soccer. When not working for Lordea,  he likes to work on learning languages and about other cultures.

Spencer Dixon: 

Spencer is a tech enthusiast. He hails from the banks of the Columbia River in Washington State. He lived in Berlin, Germany for several years and has been with Lordea as the Vice President of Development and Systems Control from early on.  He is also a avid camper and leads a group of young scouts in his church. You will also find at the local gym whenever time permits.

Chris Wilson:

Originally from Oregon, Chris became responsible for the early strategy and architecture of Lordea. His keen eye for design and functionality have made him an important driver for Lordea. He likes all things digital and has been part of the innovational drive at Lordea. Chris enjoys hanging with his family and teaching his kids programming.

Jeff Patterson:

Jeff is in charge of numbers at Lordea.  He has an accounting background and makes sure that t's are crossed and i's are dotted.  He is also an avid writer and has several published novels.


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